Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Sutton and Cody!

Ame's baby girl is here! Sutton was born on April 1st! Ame had a tough labor and was such a trooper. Sutton is perfect! Lindsey came in town to meet her new "niece" and stayed with me. We had a great time, even though it was a quick visit. Here are a few quick pics!

Another HUGE praise, my cousin Cody's cancer is responding to the chemo. The tumors they saw on his lungs a few weeks ago are now gone! You can read the latest post on We are SO excited and so grateful!!!!


The Luce's said...

Very cute pics and awesome news about Cody!!

mollie said...

she couldn't be cuter and i'm so glad to hear the good news about cody!

Carter & Julie said...

How sweet!! I don't know if you heard Amy...but we're having a baby!!! Nov. 7th is our due date! We are THRILLED to hear the update about Cody! Wish we saw y'all more! :)

The Penick's said...

Well, well...welcome to the blogging world! I stumbled on your blog through Nick and Meredith's and I'm glad you finally chose to start one!

Much love,


Nat Pat said...

Hi Amy! Fun to find your blog. Love seeing your little girls! Precious!